I caught the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus at the intersection of Kaplan and Gorman streets, where I noticed this sign, which I'm pretty sure is new:

Sign indicating that the Wolfline #9 and the CAT #12 buses stop here

Okay, this sign is erected where the blue x is in the following diagram, which is also where the Wolfline #9 Greek Village bus stops. So, the fact that the sign indicates it's a Wolfline #9 stop is correct. However, as you can also see in the following diagram, the CAT bus does not stop, or even pass by, this stop.

That sign is wrong indicating that this stop is served by the CAT #12 bus. After stopping where the red x is on Kaplan, the CAT bus gets in a left turn lane that's at that Gorman intersection and turns left. You cannot get on the CAT bus from the stop at which that sign is erected. It simply doesn't stop there.

CAT and Wolfline bus routes diagram