Tour de Friends Names

These are the people for whom I rode.

Some are living with HIV.
Some have died of AIDS.
Some are people who just needed some "positive energy" sent their way.

Adam Nadeau
Wes Sims
Michael Martin
Brenda Gibbs
Joe Stewart
Robert Kingoff
Stephen Hall
Robert M. Rector
David Flower
Susan Harding
Jeane Perry
Manuel Martin
Kenneth Flores
Leon Watkins
Jeffrey Schmidt
Jeff Toppan
Bryce Wagoner
Donald Langlas
David Hart
Darrell Crabtree
Gail Pippin
Tony Jackson
Dennis White
Hank Jones
Two People Whose Status Is Not Public
All People Living with AIDS
An Entire Generation of Friends
For those who would like to ride but can't.
Those who struggle with family members who are not accepting of who they are.
Send energy and light to those family members who choose to remain in the darkness.


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